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"Schoenstatt" is named after its place of origin: the little Schoenstatt Valley in the Rhine region of west-central Germany.

The word "Schoenstatt" comes from the German for "beautiful" (schoen) and "place" (statt).

Schoenstatt is a Catholic movement that lives the Gospel of Jesus Christ. It is inspired by charisms that define its identity and mission and a history of blessings and fruitfulness in keeping with a special initiative of God.

As a movement of renewal in the Catholic Church, Schoenstatt helps renew the Church and the society in the spirit of the Gospel. It seeks to reconnect faith with daily life, especially through a deep love of Mary, the Mother of God.

As a unique spirituality in the Church; Schoenstatt has contributed to the growth in holiness of men and women since 1914. Its characteristic features have proven especially fitting for living the faith in our modern times. As a covenant spirituality, it fosters a personal relationship with God, Mary and fellow-man. As an instrument spirituality, it makes Christian discipleship more tangible and in tune with God's will. As an everyday spirituality, it seeks ways to form everyday life with practical steps forward in faith, hope and love.

Mary Matha Schoenstatt Academy is an educational institute founded in 2002 and run .by the Schoenstatt Fathers, a secular institute. Our guiding principle is to educate the youth under the protection of the patroness of our college - Mother Thrice Admirable.

We are convinced that we are called to educate and to form our students into firm personalities through specific guiding principles: "education through ideals, trust organic development, attachment and love". We aim to form a future generation of good character who upholds truth, respects the human values and cultivates habits of respect and love. More than the intellectual achievement, we stress on the character formation of the students. Our aim is to make our students free, Firm and responsible personalities.

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